Greek holiday - Lefkada

Hello friends! 

As some of you know, we have just returned from a holiday in the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea. Despite Dimitri has lived for several years in Greece and therefore has a special relationship with this country, it was since 2010 that hadmn't been there. But even on that occasion, we visited Athens which was an amazing experience but not comparable with the islands. We thought to visit three islands: Lefkada, Kefallonia and Zakynthos in a row one after the other, in a distance of one hour by ferry from each other, but with such diverse experiences as to be almost in different countries. The only thing in common was their crystal clear sea with a color ranging from turquoise to blue ice until the deep blue. 
Given the proximity to Albania we chose to drive from Tirana with the car for a planned trip of about 6 hours, to which unfortunately we had to add two hours and thirty minutes of waiting in the greek border because apparently there were problems with PCs at the passport control. Speaking, however, with the other unfortunates who regularly travel this way we were told that the PC problems at the Greek border are quite frequent .... maybe in a future post we will propose, given the Greek crisis, a giveaway of our pc as well so at least there could be a regular traffic at the border. 

The adventure on the border seriously threatened to ruin our holiday: no water and not a place where to buy it, a terribly hot day, the closed bathrooms (Why had they closed them? Will always remain a mystery ...) and the most rude cops that we have encountered in all our experiences of frequent travelers. Anyway once we got to Lefkada, our first destination, the colors of the sea were able to calm our nerves. We stayed at Porto Galini, a hotel built on a cliff with a breathtaking view! The only negative point, if it can be called so, were the endless steep steps you had to do to get to the room and to the beach, which was small but lovely with a sea that even in the photo speaks for itself. 

We totally felt as in an oasis to enjoy sun and sea in every way in this hotel! We moved only one of the evenings to try the restaurant in first place on tripadvisor in Lefkada: The Seaside, a lovely place with Greek cuisine and a modern touch of the most finger-licking dishes. Do not miss the roll of feta, honey and sesame! 

The service is impeccable and the owner, Kostas, will make you feel at home. 

Soon we will talk about Kefallonia e Zakynthos!

A kiss, 
Dimitri & Orjola

Orjola was wearing:
E.vil t-shirt
Mango trousers
Manebì espadrilles

Dimitri was wearing:
Kent's shirt
Manebì espadrilles

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Besa Dyli said...

Shume shume bukur,yje jeni !

Dida D said...

Qenkeni bere sterr :D. puc

Michela Mazzon said...

che belle queste foto deve essere stato un vioaggio stupendo!!!
scopro ora il tuo blog, ti va di seguirci a vicenda????
Michela Mazzon

TheRomRom.Com said...

È sempre un piacere leggere che ció che condividiamo con tanto amore, piace ai nostri lettori. Ti seguiamo con piacere. Dai un occhiata anche al giveaway se ti va, sono in palio due vestiti molto carini!

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