Galicia tour: Last day

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We just came back from a wonderful holiday in Greece during which we were not able to be very active on the blog due to problems with the wifi connection, which in the Ionian islands seemed to be a luxury! Anyway with this post we want to end our tour in Galicia showing you some corners of some hidden but typical towns in the inland of Lugo that we visited on our last day there since it was cold and we couldn't go to the beach.

This small town that seems lost in the hills of Galicia, now almost uninhabited, was one of the capitals of the kingdom of Galicia. It's past as a major city can be seen in the majesty of the buildings of the center with medieval-style architecture. In this scene, the Cathedral (Basilica from Asuncion) is undoubtedly the first to capture the attention. It was built in the 13th century in Romanesque style but influenced over time by the Gothic and Baroque period. 

Lourenzà is a pretty town in the region of Central Marina, part of the French route to Santiago de Compostela. To catch the eye is the Benedictine monastery founded in the 10th century by Count Don Osorio Gutierrez, the children of whom (Lourenza and Ana) gave the name to the town. The current structure is typically Baroque, designed by the same architect of the cathedral of Santiago.

Fervieza San Estevo do Ermo (Aguas Santas)
Halfway between Mondonedo and Lourenza, you can yourself immersed in a green oasis, where you can see a small waterfall. A little hard to find for the lack of directions, but however, deserves a short visit maybe to refuge from the hot summer days maybe for a picnic as the locals often do.

Foz and St. Martin de Mondenedo
Foz is a fishing village on the Atlantic coast full of restaurants ran by families of fishermen who guarantee the quality and freshness of a great fish. A few miles inland, you can admire the small but majestic church of St. Martin de Mondonedo.

This town marks the border with the region of Asturias and is a famous urban center in Spain for seafood (you can find endless small restaurants in the area of ​​the small port). It is a fantastic destination for lovers of handmade accessories. Orjola had the opportunity to buy many bracelets made with colored shells. 

A kiss to all of you and we will update you very soon on our trip in the islands of the Ionian Sea! Remember to follow us on all the social networks to stay up to date!

Jola and Dimitri

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