Greek holiday - Kefallonia

Hello Friends!
How is your summer going? Our summer is ending up and in a week we should return to our university life with the first exams in September. In this post we want to introduce to you the second island we visited in Greece: Kefallonia. We reached the island by ferry from Vasiliki, located in the extreme south of the island of Lefkada, in Fiscardo. We stayed at Emelisse Hotel, a magnificent structure 1km from the port and in a breathtaking location: just above the rocks overlooking the islands of Lefkada and Ithaca.

This hotel had all the credentials to become one of our favorites, because even the restaurant had some excellent food. It appeared, however, lacking in the quality of the staff who often showed not only to be unprofessional, also considered the hotel category, but also at the limits of being rude (which is rare for the Greek hospitality).

However, looking the overall experience we felt pretty good there and we had the opportunity to visit some fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters, especially during the day trip with a small boat that we drove by ourselves. If you happen to be in Kefallonia, the best areas to visit are in the north, around the town of Fiscardo and the town of Asos located in the west. However, you must consider that the island is best visited by boat because the roads are not in very good conditions and it takes hours to make a few kilometers in winding roads that challenge even the strongest stomachs. 

Enjoy the pictures! 
Dimitri and Jola

Dimitri was wearing:
H&M t-shirt
Oviesse swimwear
Havaianas flip flops
AM hat

Orjola Alimadhi:
Manebì espadrilles 
Oviesse hat

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