Greek holiday - Zakynthos

Buondì amici!

As you already know, we are back in Milan...back in our daily life and far away from the beach, so when we see these pictures we feel so bad!!! We want to go back on holiday.
The third island that we visited during our holiday in Greece was Zakynthos. We reached the island in one hour and a half by ferry from Pessada and we stayed there for four days.

We stayed at Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa, a very beautiful and welcoming structure, just 80m from Tsilivi Beach and 5km from the center of Zakynthos. We loved the hotel service during our stay and we had magnificent food in both restaurants (Ambrosia & Neptune). The only flaw was that the hotel didn't have a private beach, but you had to go out of the hotel and have a 5 minute walk to get to the nearest beach.

Obviously we cannot forget to suggest you the amaizing cocktails that Nikos made us at the Lounge Bar. 

On our last day in Zakynthos, we decided to rent a small yacht and have a tour of the island. It was the most amazing experience that we had in Greece! We visited different beaches and not only, because we stopped to swim even near some rocks where the water was totally fabulous. Ioannis, the owner of the yacht was very friendly and we felt like we were having a tour with a long time friend. Totally recommended!

We don't have pictures of our outfits of the day, because we were too busy swimming and taking pictures of the breathtaking beaches that we visited. 

This was the last post about Greece and let us say that the overall experience was very good. The trip by car from Albania to Greece is a little bit long but you forget the all the fatigue once you are at one of those amazing beaches!

Wish you have had an amazing summer as well!
Jola & Dimitri

P.S.: We met Tinie Tempah while we were there cause he had a concert in Zakynthos and he was staying at our hotel!

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amo said...

wow amazing pics
very nice beaches
i'm following by bloglovin here you are my little world if you want to walk around

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Dario Venuti said...

wow perfect location


Walkontheshinyside Bloggers said...

OMG!!!!!!! it's wonderful!!!!
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Faty said...

Nice pictures
I follow you, you can follow each other, kiss

AF said...

A lot of people decided to make holidays in Greece including some of my friends, i guess next summer i cant miss it looks a wonderful place!

Diana said...

Great photos!
Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC and bloglovin =)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank youuu! We try to give our best!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yeah it is a wonderful place...the beach, the food...everything amazing!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank youuu :)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank youuu! It was really great

C H I A R A said...

it was a really relaxing holiday. so many amazing colors!!
blue is everywhere!!!! and the light is fabulous!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yeah was breathtaking!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you very much! The beach was really fabulous!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yeah it seemed to be in a fairy tale...perfect colors and amazing landscapes!!! Loved it

Anonymous said...

The photos are just wonderful! Looks like you had a really great time!:)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yeah it's true Monica, we had an amazing holiday! Unforgettable!!!

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