La camera chiara

Hello everybody!
Last night we attended a truly unique event in Milan: an outdoor dinner in Porta Garibaldi where the only rule to be respected was to be strictly and elegantly dressed in white. The white had to dominate the table, elegantly decorated too and everyone had to bring their own food and drinks from home. From the very first moment when we became aware of this flash mob we were very fascinated, especially while we were getting informed and seeing the photos of this trend which has become a must in different cities around the world. The event originated in Paris in 1988 when Francois Pasquier, organized a picnic to reconnect with friends after a few years abroad, asking them to dress in white to be recognizable among the others. The party was so successful that it immediately became a tradition, expanding into other countries and welcoming more and more people. The event in Milan, although not created by the official organizers of the "Diner en blanc", was fabulous: the climate that was created and the almost therapeutic effect of the total white is really indescribable. We want to congratulate the organizers of Cenaconme and all the participants who made the evening memorable.
We took a lot of pictures and we tried to capture every magical moment so we want to share the best with you!

Getting ready: 





Orjola wa wearing:
Bershka dress
Michael Kors sandals
Versace bag
Glamour in rose bracelets

Dimitri was wearing:
Brooks Brothers trousers

We want to thank our friend Agim, owner of the restaurant "Osteria del Gambero Rosso" who provided us the table and chairs! 


Anonymous said...

perfect organisation and a very entertaining night! very beautiful photos, nice job guys :D Alba

Sote Saco said...

Magnifico!!!!!Veramente una festa meravigliosa!!!!Non comentiamo poi la vostra belleza!!Rimango poi nell mio pensiero di sempre"Siete un mondo da scoprire......"Tutto perfeto!!!!

Eni said...

C'atmosfere! Dukeni shume te bukur me te bardha :) Me pelqeu shume ideja e te ngrenit alla piknik.

Lisa | Happy By said...

Now this is something different and can be easily reorganized everywhere :)
It must have been so much fun. Such a must, especially if you are a bunch of people.
Thanks for sharing guys!
P.s : Jola you should laugh more often in pics, cause you look sweet doing it

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yes it was a very special and amazing event! Very simple and nice to organize. We had a great evening eventhough we weren't a big group (we were just in 4)! Thank you for the nice comment!
According to my smile (it's Jola answering), I hate to laugh or smile in fron of a camera...just can't do it :D :-P but I'll try to keep that in mind, maybe someday i'll do it :D

TheRomRom.Com said...

Faleminderit Eni! Na i ben shume qejfin! Ne zakonisht nuk vishemi me te bardha po ja ne kshu eventesh e bejme nje sakrifice :D :P Darka ishte vertete shuuume e bukur, event shume i vecante!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Well done to you too...cause most of the pictures are done by you dear Alba! Thank you :)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Grazie mille Sofia! La cena era stupenda veramente! E tu come sempre sei troppo buona con i tuoi commenti :D :) Baci

Monika Coulson said...

Jola, you look stunning.
The entire event is really fascinating. Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

nuk kam fjalee :O fotot jane fantastike :) cfare camera perdorni?faleminderit qe na jepni informacione kaq te bukura;)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you for the very nice comment!!! We enjoy sharing with you

TheRomRom.Com said...

Shume faleminderit juve qe na mbeshtesni! Ketu kemi perdorur Canon Eos 6D, me perpara perdornim Canon Eos 400D! Keep following!

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