Galicia Tour - Santiago de Compostela

Hello friends!
Here we are back and super fresh from our holiday in Spain. As probably some of you may have noticed we are literally in love with this country because it offers many alternatives for any type of traveler, without ever getting bored and most importantly, by keeping vivid the ability to be surprised. Until now we have mainly explored the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, from Barcelona to Marbella, so we wanted to try something totally different. Getting helped by the list of UNESCO about the World Heritage sites, which we often use to get ideas for our trips, we opted for a mini tour of Galicia. Wandering around on the internet in search of information, we could not find much, because Galicia is the less frequented region by international tourists. This thing, therefore, has increased even more our curiosity and the desire to visit this place which was really unique. 

The first stop on our trip was Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the autonomous region of Galicia. We flew to Santiago with Ryanair from Bergamo. 

We stayed at Eurostars Araguaney, a five star hotel, a little old but with the advantage of being close to downtown, having underground parking and above all a competitive price. For those who do not have a car, we recommend the many small hotels (even two-stars) that are really very nice and well listed on tripadvisor. 

Santiago is a very pretty town architecturally and you have the feeling that time has stopped. It offers a typically medieval climate that we have rarely perceived in other cities. However, we believe it is enough to visit it in one day unless you are deeply Christian. The higher value of this city, in fact, is perceived by pilgrimage, possibly after performing the so-called “Way of St. James” which is a centuries-old tradition whose cultural importance is recognized even by the European Union.

The most interesting attraction is definitely the Romanic cathedral in the central square of Obradoiro and the very special guided tour of the rooftop of the church. 

During the second one, except knowing the history of this impressive monument of humanity you can admire a spectacular view of the city.

 In the evening, remember to walk through Rua do Franco and Rua da Raina, full of cafes where you enjoy delicious tapas, accompanied by excellent wines of Galicia: the Galicia, among other things, in fact is very popular and famous for its wine production and especially for the white whine As Sortes. 
But the real revelation on this first stop for us was the restaurant Casa Marcelo, located a few steps from the central square, which offers an excellent cuisine as a result of an interesting mix of Far East and Spanish cuisine. It is really a paradise for those who appreciate good food. The environment is really unique with an integrated kitchen to the dining room, where you can see with your own eyes the passion that the chef puts into creating his dishes. The whole thing is made even more precious by the impeccable service. Hyper recommended! In the pictures you can see some of the many dishes that we had the pleasure to taste. 

Enjoy this post and see you very soon for the continuation of our trip!

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Super! Beautiful City!

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Ns hapet syt the oreksin me kete blog. You guys are the best

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Awww so sweet! Thank youuu!

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Thank youuu! The city was great yes...and the food too! :D

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