Galicia Tour - Isla de Ons

After our brief stay in Santiago, we drove to the region of Pontevedra, a province of Galicia immediately on the northern part of Portugal. Specifically, we stayed in Isla Toja, a small island connected by bridge to the town of O Grove, famous throughout Spain for its Mariscos (seafood) and its thalassotherapy centers. In addition to this, for us it represented a strategic point to visit the Natural Park of the Atlantic Islands, a must in Galicia. 

The first island we visited was Ons, reached by a journey of about 40 minutes from the port of Sanxenxo, 40 minutes from Isla Toja. We were fascinated by the beauty of this masterpiece of nature characterized by beaches with turquoise and greenish tones and the beautiful yellow-legged gulls (Larus Michahellis) who flock to the island. 

On this island we had also the opportunity to discover one of the Galician delicacies in one of the three restaurants that are located there: the percebes (barnacles), crustaceans from the monstrous appearance but of an incredibly delicate and refined taste.

 In addition to tasting the delicious dishes offered by the modest but proud island restaurants, one can be carried out in various walking trails to discover the different beaches, nature and the lighthouse, located at the diametrically opposite part of the point of ships arrivals. The only flaw, if it can be called so, is the icy water of the ocean to which two lovers of the Mediterranean Sea as us, are not very used to! Enjoy the pictures!

Orjola was wearing:
Zara shirt
Jeckerson shorts
Calvin Klein flip-flops
Dolce & Gabbana bag
Victoria's Secret swimsuit
Bvlgari sunglasses

Dimitri was wearing:
Ben Sherman t-shirt
Vilebrequin shorts
Havaianas flip-flops
 Oakley sunglasses
AM hat



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Fotot super, komplimente fotografit/es

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Che bel mare!!!
Torna presto a trovarmi su Cosa Mi Metto???

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