Galicia Tour - Isla Cies

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The story about the accident in Galicia, near Santiago de Compostela, has profoundly shocked us so we want to express our sorrow and solidarity to the families involved in the tragic accident. We decided to proceed with the publication of our posts about our tour in Galicia, giving them a meaning less playful than before: trying to use them to celebrate the memory of the people of that region, thanks to whom that country takes a unique significance, offering exceptional hospitality accompanied by a rich tradition and culture.

After being fascinated by Isla de Ons, we decided continue our visit exploring more the park of the Atlantic islands consisting on two further areas: Isla de Salvora, difficult to visit for the low frequency of connections with the major ports and Isla Cies, a small archipelago consisting of three smaller islands. From the three islands Monte Faro, Monte Agudo and San Martino, only the first two are opened. Specifically, the island of Monte Agudo is connected with the cities of Vigo and Bayonna from a catamaran that leaves every hour and can be reached in 40 minutes. We were fascinated by the idea of visiting these islands evaluated by The Guardian as having one of the best beaches in the world: Prais Das Rodas, a long stretch of white sandy beach at low tide that connects the island of Monte Agudo with Monte Faro. The expectations were fully met. We have visited over 30 countries around the world, but we have rarely seen a beach with such crystal clear waters and of such an intense turquoise.

The most exciting part of this experience was the walk along the entire island of Monte Agudo through exuberant forests with fantastic colors that served as the setting for a fabulous beach creating an unimaginable scene. The beauty of this island was so overwhelming and unrealistic that made us rename this oasis, getting inspired by Edward Jackson, as the Neverland, or at least as tha island that cannot be imagined by those of us who live in a big grey city.

There are two restaurants on the island, none of which is excellent but no one chooses the Cies as a culinary destination. Should you wish to sleep, there is a camp site on the island of Monte Faro, at which it is advisable to book in advance because without the reservation you would be obliged to make a round-trip boat ticket for the same day.

We don't want to say more because the words would be excessive to describe the astonishment of the pictures.  

Have a nice weekend!
Jola & Dimitri

Orjola was wearing: 
Zara crochet top
Stradivarius denim shorts
Asos plastic sandals
Just Cavalli bikini
Swatch watch

Dimitri was wearing:
Ralph Lauren polo shirt
Calvin Klein swimming shorts
Manebi espadrilles


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