Northern Albania: Theth

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First of all we want to apologize for not being particularly active on the blog lately, but we are having the university exams! In today's post we got inspired by Elhaida Dani, a talented Albanian singer, who has recently won the voice of Italy. In her honor, we wanted to talk about a trip that we have made in one of the most beautiful mountains in the northern Albania, near Shkoder, the birthplace of Elhaida.

The town of Theth is one of the prettiest villages of the Albanian Alps full of history, natural beauty and with extremely friendly local people. We visited this lovely town with a group of friends during the summer of 2012 and despite our initial skepticism when choosing to spend a middle summer weekend in the mountains, we experienced a total relaxation in this place! 

Theth is located in a natural National Park, 172 km in the north of the capital Tirana: 148 of which is asphalt and the last 24 km is un-asphalted. Right in the center of the northern alps, between the historic rocky mountains, amazingly green panoramas and the crystal numerous fountains, this valley lies 900 meters above the sea level.

The church
The local people are Catholic and one of the first buildings in the area is a small church built in 1892 in the center of the valley. In the past, next to the church there was a building that housed the priests, brutally demolished by the old communist regime during his mad struggle to the "opium of the people": religion. The church has, however, remained intact since converted to health and pregnancy center.

Tower of isolation
It is perhaps one of the most beautiful attractions that this place offers a few steps from the church. It is a tower, once a refuge for men (who remained isolated within and could not be touched) fighting with other families in the area under the harsh law of the Kanun. The tower is now run by the grandson of a historic village chief who has tried for years to reconcile the struggles between families. The guide is really very good and he's be able to tell the whole story in details. The cost is only 1 euro.

The waterfall
An hour of walking from the village (the trained locals will tell you only 15 minutes but it's too fast to be true) you can get a wonderful waterfall. The effort of reaching this amazing place will be rewarded by both the freshness of the crystal clear water (which derives from a natural source and is drinkable) and the view that you can admire from the position almost strategically chosen by mother Nature. If you are brave and do not fear the cold water there are points where you can have a bath.

Do not expect to find large resorts because the place is putting the first steps on tourism. The alternatives are basically two:
- The campsite, located in the immediate entrance of Theth;
- One of the many local characteristic guesthouses (average €15 per night including a hearty breakfast with natural products).
We chose the second alternative, as it allows to be in direct contact with the local people and enables you to understand more of their lives. The rooms tend to be simple but very comfortable and above all: clean.

The activities are many, especially for mountaineering lovers. We chose to suggest the three “not to be missed” but there are plenty of excursions that the locals will advise you: you'll only have to choose and have fun!

Have a nice weekend!

Jola & Dimitri


Anonymous said...

Great recap and perfect timing. I was just talking about an upcoming trip to Theth and immediately ran into the article preview on instagram.
I am always looking forward to your reviews :)

TheRomRom.Com said...

We are very happy to help you. If you have any questions about Theth please write us here or by e-mail and we will suggest you everything we can

Aimee P said...

Such gorgeous photos and what a wonderful experience! That sounds exactly like the kind of trip I would want to go on-- but I wouldn't have known where to go. :)
xoxo Aimee

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you Aimee!!! You should really visit this amazing place! Very special and unique!

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