Party at home - Dimitri's birthday surprise...Part I

Hello Friends!
Yesterday it was my birthday, not a common one, because it's a Jubilee: 25 years! I am beginning to feel quite old and it seems to me that the years, especially since I am in university, are flying without realizing. This happens when you have a wonderful life: despite the ups and downs that our lives involve, I feel really lucky and happy for the great opportunities that Milan offered me, making me live unique experiences and above all letting me know some fantastic people . It is in these years that I have known Orjola, the person who understands me, perhaps, more than anyone else, and who shares my same passions, desires and dreams. Thanks to them I feel more mature and a happier person and thanks to some of them my day yesterday became unforgettable. 

Up to 15 minutes before my birthday, I was immersed in an intensive study since the Bocconi University thought for my day to give me as a gift an exam at 9 am. 

After finishing my studying and making a quick toast with Orjola, I was getting ready to sleep, brushing my teeth, closing the blinds but then as soon as I attempted to lie down, at 01:00 am I heard the doorbell ring.

 I had intuited that there was something in the air that didn't convince me: since Orjola was cleaning the house of her spontaneous will and without asking anything to me even though this never happens during the exams session. 

After midnight passed and nothing happened, I got convinced nothing would have happened in that moment. I opened the door and I found in front of me with a cake and candles: my mom, my brother and his girlfriend and three of our friends (Gimi, Bona, Alba).

 In that moment the joy and happiness of seeing them arrive with all the sort of good things, mingled with panic for the exam that I had to do the next morning and I had a strange but unique feeling. There is nothing more marvelous than being surrounded on your birthday by people who really love you. I felt really lucky.  I want to share with you some pictures of the surprise in the house.


 The mini party ended at 4.30 am. At seven o'clock I woke up and prepared to take the longest and most troubled exam of my life: I must admit that at a certain point I thought I would die from exhaustion, from the hangover and from the crazy sleep but in the end I managed to finish it ( although I'm not fully aware of what I might have written)!. 

In the coming days we will update you with the rest of the birthday. 
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P.S.: A special THANKS to all the people who made my night unique!!!


Sote Saco said...

Che bella festa!!!!!!Vi vogliamo bene....!!!!!!Vogliamo esserci sempre con voi!!!!!

India S said...

Oh wow those cakes are INCREDIBLE!! I work for a sushi company and they'd just love that. Hope you had a wonderful time - looks like it! xxx

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yeah they really are incredible. The lady that does them is amazing! We liked them a lot, especially our birthday boy loved them :D

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