Paradise on earth - Maldives

If heaven existed on earth, it would be called: Maldives! It had always been our dream to go to one of those almost surreal places that you see on a postcard and 3 years ago we had the fortune to visit this wonderful land in the Indian Ocean. 

The tiredness of the long flight is immediately forgotten once you see the view of the atolls during the landing of the airplane. It is definitely a destination to keep in mind, especially if you want to disconnect completely from the gray monotony of Western cities and to recharge your own batteries to 100%.

Getting there:
The main airport of arrival for intercontinental flights is the one of Male, the capital of the Maldives. From Milan there are direct flights with charter Neos-Meridiana and Eurofly: these, however, are recommended if you buy one of those ready packages, cause the flight itself in fact is likely to cost too much. If you decide to purchase separately the flight, you can find the best deals with Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad and sometimes with Turkish Airlines. 

On average, with a minimum of advance you spend € 600 on a return flight. The best time to go to the Maldives is the period between February and March. It is to avoid mainly the period from May to October because of the monsoons.  

There are lots of alternatives from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. From our point of view though, especially if you are young, you can choose to not spend so much for the accomodation, accepting even to sleep in a bit more "basic" places, because nature is so beautiful and the sea so wonderful that you don't even care of all the rest!

We stayed at the resort Chaaya Dhonveli, located 20 minutes by speed boat from Male airport, spending about 150 euro per night per person all inclusive. It was a great little island with 3 restaurants and a wonderful SPA.

There are a billion excursions to do and we have tried almost all of them.

In the first place is the capital, Male, which deserves a visit and where you will be surrounded by the friendliness of the local people who will constantly welcome you with their perpetual smile. 

Once arrived in the city you can take a private guide at a cost of about 20 Euros with whom you can walk around the most beautiful places and monuments. 

Among them you cannot miss the fruit market where you can overeat of all the exotic fruits that you dream without having the fear of spending a fortune as it happens in Western countries. One thing to try is the stick of a sweet made ​​of coconut wrapped in banana leaves (we do not remember the name but they were great and omnipresent).

Next to the fruit market is the fish market which is worth a visit. We had the luck and pleasure to meet a local fisherman who told us about the hardness of his work and showed us which are the best parts to eat on a tuna.

If you want to have a more authentic experience and want to go to a village not hit by the Western influence, you can visit Huraa located 30 minutes by speed boat from Male. 

Another trip that has left its mark was in Kuda Bandos: a classic round uninhabited island, Robinson Crusoe-style, in the middle of an endless blue sea. 

Do not miss the Paradise Island and the name really says it all.

In the end, we have the most important activity which is eating of course:

Have a nice evening!
Jola & Dimitri


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