Unforgettable gifts - part 1

In this section, a relevant part of the posts will be on gift ideas. It happens to everyone having to make a gift and go haywire, because usually the ideas come to us only when we don't need them. In these sets of posts we will analyze different profiles of people and propose, for each of them, two alternatives of gifts. Let's start with the first five.

The traveler

The traveler is, perhaps, one of the easiest profiles to please. You can simply go somewhere and the subject is at the peak of happiness. What you can do in these cases to make the travel experience unforgettable, is adding some small details that the subject will never forget. The first idea is the one that requires your overall energy. Many of us have always hated the low cost airlines for unreasonable times of departure, often even before seven in the morning. In this case, this aspect is an advantage: the idea is to make a weekend or at least a few days in different cities.

 It is definitely one of the best experiences we've ever had: Dimitri has in fact given to Orjola, for her birthday, a four-day trip in four different cities with departures every morning, so we spent exactly 24 hours in each city. We chose Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona. Don't think that the cost is way over the top: by booking in two weeks advance we spent 160 euro per person for all five flights (MXP-CDG, CDG-MAD, MAD-LIS, LIS-BCN, BCN-MXP). We flew with Ryanair, EasyJet and Vueling. The best time to buy extra low-cost flights is September, which is a great advantage because the weather is still excellent.

The second alternative is definitely a dream that our traveler will appreciate: a hot air balloon ride (average price 200 euro). Such an experience allows you to see the world from a different perspective. In Italy you can choose this alternative on the website mongolfiereitalia, but undoubtedly the best place to have this experience is Cappadocia, Turkey.

The alcoholic

No alcoholic likes to be defined as such, and Dimitri knows something. Then giving a simple bottle of wine or liquor can be almost an insult (even if the bottle will disappear in a minute anyway). 

An idea for a classy alcoholic would be to give a vodka with flakes of gold. A good alternative is Golden Snow which can be purchased at the reasonable price of about 35 Euro: you will definitely make a great impression.

If the alcoholic is celebrating a birthday or an important occasion, you could give a bottle of wine produced in the year of his birth. Eventhough over the 15th year of aging, the drinkability is not guaranteed anymore, it's always kind of a souvenir to remember the year when the person was born. 

We have already made this gift to a friend of ours for his graduation and we can assure you that it was extremely  appreciated. You can find some similiar products on regalostorico. The price depends on the wine and it's aging.

The photographer

Photography is now a fad: it happens every time we have a walk downtown to see several people armed with a camera capturing different places and moments. You are likely to have a friend whois a victim of this trend. 

A great gift idea especially for those who are beginners is to give a photography class. Orjola had it for three months divided in one-hour meetings every week spending about 150 euro. If you are in Milan you can take a look at leisure courses organized by the municipality.

A cute idea with a little vintage flavor is to give a Polaroid

We all happen to remember with nostalgia those photo cameras that instantly produced the photos. Depending on the model, you can spend from 60 to 250 Euro.

The romantic

The romantic surely loves cities such as Paris, Venice or Barcelona but even more he/she would love to have a photo shoot with his/her better half in these wonderful scenarios. We all take pictures when we travel, but unfortunately we cannot know the magical ins and secrets that a city offers as a professional photographer can. The cost depends on the photographer and the duration (on average about 150 euro for 30 professional shots). If you ever find yourself in the city of Notre Dame you can choose one of the packages of Better Paris.

An alternative for this subject is to do a personalized song. If you are in Italy you can choose one of the packages offered by canzonisumisura: from 50 € for already made songs that you can personalize the lyrics to 200€ for those totally custom made in which you choose the singer, you tell him your own story and the message you would like to communicate through the song and it will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

The stressed 

The stressed definitely needs a break, away from the daily routine and not think about anything. A day at a SPA in this case is a perfect idea. We suggest the hot springs of Pre Saint Didier (44 euro daily entrance) that especially in winter are a mirage: what could be more relaxing than being immersed in a hot spring bath while it is snowing?!?

An alternative to this subject is to nestle in one of the many remote and magical villages of Italy. The Orta lake could be one of the most useful places in this case. We are particularly attached to this place because we calebrated there our first anniversary and we go there often to refuge from the chaos of Milan. The sense of harmony and peace that this place can give you is indescribable. From Milan you can go by train to Orta spending 8 Euro for a journey of about 2 hours (for tickets visit trenitalia).

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Kjo foto fundit m cmendi fare.Do ju lutesha te benit nje publikim te vecante per te dhe me shume pershkrim te ndjere! :)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Armela ajo foto ti e di qe ka nje rendesi shume te vecante edhe per ne e me shume kenaqesi do donim ta ndanim me te gjithe

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