Little Red Riding Hood

Helloooo dear friends! 

How is this cold autumn treating you? Milan is as grey as always...but we are used to it and to say it all, we have started to like autumn and winter in Milan. We are starting to feel the smell of the burning wood in the neighborhood, the sound of the roasting chestnuts in the streets and it feels so good. Me and Dimitri love to go out in winter nights and have long walks at the city center while it is totally empty. You can see the other side of Milan which during the day doesn't exist and you feel like you own the streets, the's so romantic! (Even Milan can be romantic sometimes, yeah!)

I have always thought that hats don't suit me, or at least most of them. Last year during the handcraft fair in Milan, I found this amazing red hat. I love the red color so you can understand that it was love at first sight and I bought it in an eye blink. This winter, the hats are a fashion must: you should own them in every model, color, size!!! 

For this outfit, I have mixed the four A/W essentials: hat, leather, cutout ankle boots, tartan print. Hope you like my choice and please let me know what you think about it.


Orjola was wearing:
Zara checkered top
Pinko leather pants (old)
Chanel bag
Hat from craft fair (old)

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odensa said...

OMG...I won`t say anything else except "perfect"... :)))

Paola Lauretano said...

Ciao Orjola! Non potevi essere piĆ¹ trendy, adoro questo look dalla testa ai piedi!!!!
Bellissima fashion girl!!!!

Karima said...

So nice! You did a great job on this one doll!

Love from Amsterdam!




Eider said...

Very nice pictures!

Maria Tatarskaya said...

So stylish!


Anonymous said...

This hat doesn't look good on you neither. You looked better on Morocco dress.

Fabrizia said...

Look assolutamente stupendo!
Torna presto a trovarmi su Cosa Mi Metto???

Adonica Brereton said...

Excuse me my Italian is not perfecto! But your blog is wonderful! I am glad you visited and liked my blog!


petra lorietta said...

oh the hat is so pretty!♥ lovely outfit!

Laura said...

Bellissimo look, adoro il tuo cappello!!!


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