Orjola's Moroccan birthday party

I have no words to explain the beauty and the particularity of my surprise birthday party, but I will try to share with you all the things that happened in the night between the 24th and the 25th of September. Since this was my 25th birthday, I had thought to celebrate it in Tirana with my family and my dearest friends, but Dimitri was planning everything behind my back. I had to choose just my outfit and nothing else. For one month I had no boyfriend with me...eventhough we live together, cause Dimitri was working all the time, making plans; I had no right to touch his mobile phone, macbook and sometimes even him cause he was very anxious!!! We went to Albania during the weekend cause Dimitri had to prepare the last things there. My father was collaborating with him, so I was starting to be afraid of what was going to happen. Prepare and be ready cause you will see so many pictures.

I was asked to be found ready on tuesday afternoon (my birthday was on wednesday), cause me and Dimitri were going somewhere. Since I had kind of discovered that the party was planned for the 24th turning 25th (and not the 25th evening as they said to me) I went to the hairdresser and got ready for the event. Dimitri was insisting for me to not make a heavy makeup cause there was "nothing to celebrate", it was just a simple evening where we had to do something in two. Meanwhile they were getting ready: 

I had to make a treasure hunt. So we started everything at home. I had to find two envelopes in every place: one with a surprise and the other one with a hint for the next place. We had to go in places where I had memories with the different friends and relatives that had written letters to me. I was so anxious for the whole thing. Here are some pictures during my treasure hunt. 

The last hint (which according to Dimitri was not the last cause we had to find other 13 surprises but he forgot that at the beginning he said to me that they were all 13), was connected to Casa Italia, a shopping mall. So I was guessing that we were going at the partyyyy!!! They blindfolded me before and it was so scary to walk in total darkness and not understand what's happening to you. I opened my eyes and I found in front of me: My friend Reita, a table with some gifts and an arabic dress which on the chair seemed like a curtain. I was totally shocked and I wasn't understanding anything! Dimitri left me there and said to me that we were seeing each other in 20 minutes. Reita helped me concentrate and dress up. I had to put the arabic dress and I was so worried that I didn't find the dress I had chosen for my birthday party. After this, they blindfolded me again and two policemen took me to the last floor where is the restaurant. As soon as I got out from the lift, I heard someone hitting a drum and people laughing slowly. 

Then I stopped and heard my father's voice that said: "Dear policemen, you can let go the prisoner". I opened my eyes and couldn't understand a thing: I didn't recognize my father, my family, my friends...none of them! My family members were all dressed up in arabic clothes and the one playing the drum was my father!!!! Couldn't believe what was happening!!!

One of Dimitri's gifts was: a trip to MOROCCOOO!!!

The atmosphere was more than perfect...

Here Gjergj was singing an amazing arabic song which he adapted even in albanian. You can listen to it here: 

There was this amazing ballet troupe that entertained us during the night with different performances that you see in these pictures: arabic dance, romantic dance, zorba dance.

Erik and Xhesika gave us some amazing moments of romanticism! It was great!!!

I love Gjergj Leka's voice...have no words to describe it. He sang for me ''Belle'' from Notre Dame de Paris in the most amazing way possible.


The surprises aren't over...trust me they aren't!

The meaning of the writing is:
"Orjola! We wish you 100 years of happiness. You are daddy's soul, you are mom's love, you are Gesi's heart...oh we love you so much!". It's taken from the words of an Albanian song.

My father made me a surprise which I will keep with me for all my life...it was a song written by him and sang by Gjergj Leka. (They found the ugliest pictures of me for the video but it's ok, I'll pass over it :-P)
You can listen to it here: 

Song: The most precious treasure

When you feel that daddy is sad you say him: "I love you so much"
And the magic of your words makes Luli's smile return.
You are the first, you are the biggest love, so Lida is for you like a guardian angel
Every heart beat and every love lives in you
Only with you Erges feels like a child
When you reproach him with one look
For you Dimitri would write only songs to sing together
Now let him caress and spoil you
let him rest on your eyelashes
let him kiss your eyes and say you goodnight before sleeping

Tonight singing they wish you happy 25 springs in your heart,
So everyone says you: thank you for existing!
Because You are the most precious treasure
Dimitri with tears is saying you:
If you would ask me all the world I would give it to you
And your dad says: If you need my life here you are...I would give it to you without thinking twice...my Orjola!

And of course our traditional Albanian dances couldn't miss:

I would like to thank very very much Dimitri, my family, my friends, all the people that were part of the whole event and the ones that couldn't come but where present in some other ways! The pictures speak for all my emotions...I have no words!!!

Here you can watch a slideshow of some pictures and videos of the party:

Lots of kisses & love,

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Adda said...

Speachless.Edhe 100 Jola

Anonymous said...

Shume urime Orjola!! Nga fotot festa duket fantastike :) Dhurata e udhetimit gjithashtu. Une kam shume deshire te vizitoj Marokun edhe ka disa dite qe po mundohem te gjej ndonje site konsullate ne itali per procedurat e vizes, po asnje pergjigje deri tani nga emailet qe kam nisur ne adresa te ndryshme . Nese ke ndonje informacion te lutem mund te ma percjellesh! Urime edhe njehere!! Albana

TheRomRom.Com said...

Albana faleminderit! Te lutem me shkruaj nje e-mail tek info@theromrom.com sepse ka Dimitri disa informacione rreth Marokut dhe ti kalojme me shume deshire.

TheRomRom.Com said...

Shume faleminderit Ada!

Reita H said...

Fotot jane njera me e bukur se tjetra, percjellin me imazhe vetem nje pjese te magjise se asaj nate! Jemi kenaqur, mbi te gjitha sepse ti ishe e lumtur! <3
P.S. Duhej ta kishe vene ketu dhe tekstin e Kendezit dhe Pules ( mundesisht dhe ne anglisht)

Anonymous said...

Nuk arrij ta imagjinoj se cfare do behet te dasma jote :D

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow.... fantastica questa festa!!!!!!!
Bellissime queste foto!!!!
Augurissimi cara!!!

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing family Orjola. Wish you all the best in life. The party looks beautiful! Jetmira

Kristi Janku said...

Hello there guys ! First of thank for the lovely comments on my blog, it means a lot to me! I've been checking ur posts, but never had the chance to sit down and write a comment, always in hurry that's me :P I was really happy to find out about ur blog and I love the whole idea of urs, congrats u have my full support :) I'm following you via GFC and Facebook, so feel free to do same if you want :)
This post is awesome, happy bday to you sweetie and Dimitri great work, you guys look great together and I wish u the best !

Feel free to pass over my blog anytime !


xx Kiki

TheRomRom.Com said...

Wow Kristi! Thank you so much for your lovely words! We follow your blog with pleasure...we love reading your posts and you have great pictures! Thanks agaaain!!! XOXO

TheRomRom.Com said...

Yes I do...they left me speechless! Thank you for the wishes! XOXO

TheRomRom.Com said...

Grazie mille tesoro! La festa è stata veramente favolosa!

TheRomRom.Com said...

:-D :-D

TheRomRom.Com said...

Shume faleminderit amo. Ishte nje nate me shume se fantastike!!!
P.S.: ajo kenge njihet ne mbare globin mi hahahaha

Susana Sánchez said...

Cool pics!!!



Paola Lauretano said...

Buona domenica, bellissima!!!

Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog said...

lovely pictures Kri!
wonderfull post
check my blog if you want too:)
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Marina Di Guardo said...

What a fantastic surprise! You're a very lucky girl!
Wonderful party and fantastic post!
A big kiss from Italy!!!

Fabrizia said...

Wow, che festa stupenda, mi piace tantissimo l'idea del tema!
Vinci il tuo vestitino preferito!!
Ti aspetto su Cosa Mi Metto???

Paola Lauretano said...

Buondì cara, ti augur uno splendido inizio settimana!!!

euphorias room said...

Amazing pictures!
You have an great blog!
Maybe want to follow each other, just let me know :)


anoddgirl said...

looks so awesome and fun!!

Vanessa Mercado said...

great post! following you now! I hope to see you in my log sometimes. thanks!
Kisses from VV!!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you :) We'll surely check it out!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you Marina!! I am lucky it's true...for having such wonderful people around me! Kisses

TheRomRom.Com said...

Grazie tesoro! Il tema era perfetto!!!

TheRomRom.Com said...
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TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you dear! We will follow you with pleasure!

TheRomRom.Com said...

You have an amazing blog! Great job

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you! It was really fun!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Grazie bella, altrettanto!

Pip said...

Happy belated birthday and wow, this looked amazing! I can only imagine how much fun you had! xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Melane said...

What an amazing suprise! Happy belated birthday and lots of fun in Morroco when you go :)

xo Melane
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Christina Chan said...

Oh my gosh, so beautiful! xxx


Katherine Unique said...

Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
I'd love to follow you (bloglovin + GTC) and welcome to visit my
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