Hello World!

There is no other season that excites us more than spring. It's a fantastic period when everything takes color and life, when the smell of burning fireplaces along with the pinch of cold cheeks slowly disappear, and the fresh scent of vegetation (albeit little in Milan) envelops you, fills your lungs every morning and charges you more than a taurine overdose of redbull. 

This is the period in which the energy of nature explodes, showing the most beautiful part of itself, giving birth to the newness. It's not a coincidence that our blog comes in the middle of spring. THEROMROM.COM is meant to be a celebration to life and to all the beauty that surrounds it, a window of connection to the world that aims to share our thoughts, our desires, our tastes and all the things that our senses perceive as beautiful. Our goal is to inspire and get inspired. 

We think it's a funny way to communicate with the world and to remember to those who will follow us that life is the most beautiful gift that we have ever received and that there is no crisis able to stop the power of the human rebirth and the pleasure of savoring every moment that we live. Have fun!


Reita H said...

I wish you both the best of luck! Looking forward to theRomRom!:)

Anonymous said...

Urime dhe sa me shume sukses. Mezi po pres publikimet e tjera,se jam e sigurt qe keni shume gjera te bukura per te treguar!

TheRomRom.Com said...

Thank you Reita!!! You are a great supporter! ;-)

TheRomRom.Com said...

Melaaaa shume faleminderit!!!!

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