College style

Hello Friends !
I hope you are having easier days than us : starting from next week, unfortunately, we will be back in exams period. What comforts me most is that unlike other years, we finish exams before Halloween, and together with Orjola we are choosing a new destination somewhere in Europe to explore and to party with some friends.

Meanwhile, today I want to introduce to you a new outfit. A few days ago, a university friend of mine gave me a shirt and it's the one that I've chosen to use for this post. This gift made ​​me happy not only because it fits perfectly with the way I dress, but also because it allowed me to get to know a new brand to keep in mind for future posts: Ingram. Owned by a Tuscan group which deals whith the textile and clothing industry since the 1949, I think it's an excellent reference for those who have a classical and easy going style at the same time. For those who live in Milan, you can find the store in Via Manzoni 16.

I decided to wear the shirt with the simple blue jeans, sneakers and a college style jacket from Banana Republic. I think it's a perfect outfit to use during the day. I have used it for going at the university!

Let me know what you think.

See you soon,

Dimitri was wearing:
Ingram shirt
McQ sneakers (old) (similiar here)
Gucci belt
Massimo Dutti document wallet


Vicky Victoria said...

hey honey
I totally adore you! you have such and amazing style!
you look not only cute but also glam!! Nice work!
wanna follow each other?


theRomRom said...

Thank you for the kind words! I'll visit you blog for sure!

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